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When Do You Need an IRS Tax Attorney?

An IRS attorney is a legal expert who specializes in tax law. He is experienced and knowledgeable in various tax laws and can represent clients who have issues with the IRS.  the following are some instances in which you may feel the need to hire a tax lawyer:

  • Tax Disputes

Perhaps you have claimed deductions on your return, and the IRS disputes the validity of the deduction. Rather than attempting to go up against the IRS on your own, seek the services of a tax professional who will work with the IRS on your behalf.

  • You owe back taxes

If you have tax debt and have been unable to work it out with the IRS or are just afraid to speak to them alone, you may need to seek tax relief attorneys. Your tax debt lawyer will go to  bat for you and work to get your debt eliminated or substantially reduced.

  • The IRS believes you are guilty of tax fraud or evasion

If you have received communication from the IRS accusing you of tax fraud or evasion, instead of contacting them and maybe getting into a dispute, you should reach out to a tax fraud lawyer.

Even if you are innocent of the charges

You will be in a better position to communicate if you do it with the help of a lawyer who is experienced in cases involving fraud and tax evasion.

Have you received a notice the IRS is auditing your return(s)? 

Your next step should be to contact an IRS audit attorney for advice.

It doesn’t matter if every deduction you took was legitimate—sometimes an audit is just routine although a substantial change in income may trigger it.

Assisting business owners with business tax issues

A business owner may need assistance with issues related to business taxes. The best solution is speaking with an informed legal tax advisor. 

Even if you have an accountant on your payroll or who regularly performs accounting work for your company, it is beneficial to speak to a niche tax advisor who has expertise and in-depth knowledge of business taxes.

Taxes and Estate Planning

Estate planning can be quite daunting for most people. Engaging the services of an estate planning attorney may make the process much easier and ensure everything in your plans falls within the scope of the law. Experienced tax lawyers who specialize in estate planning will meet your needs.

International Tax Law

International taxes can be problematic for both businesses and individuals who work in an overseas location. 

Depending where the company or entity is located, there could be a difference in the laws. 

Also, it could be different depending on whether the company employs international personnel. 

IRS Tax Attorney for Payroll Tax Problems

One of the biggest headaches for employers is payroll taxes.While having an accountant can be helpful, a tax lawyer knows the current laws pertaining to the various payroll taxes. You want to be certain you do things lawfully and avoid the need for an IRS criminal attorney. 

Legal Tax Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations with Tax Issues

Nonprofit organizations fall into a whole other category. They have special forms they have to submit to the IRS that allows them to operate a business without paying taxes. 

It also includes regulations for maintaining their tax exempt status. This issue definitely requires the expertise of a tax lawyer so you avoid finding yourself in need of a tax defense attorney.

Cryptocurrency Tax Issues; Crypto is Considered Property

In the eyes of the IRS, Cryptocurrency is property. This means anytime you sell or trade, it creates taxable income. 

Since this is a somewhat recent development, it’s essential to make sure you understand the tax laws surrounding it by consulting a tax advisor.

The Legal Field of Tax

An IRS tax attorney is a professional in the legal field who has extensive experience in the area of IRS tax law and can assist you with any problems or questions you may have. 

The above includes only the most common problems the average person may have but does not cover all the questions concerning taxes.

How Can an IRS Tax Attorney Help You?

A qualified IRS tax attorney can ensure taxpayers receive the help they need and work with them within the scope of tax law. There are several areas in which Legal Help USA can provide assistance to taxpayers including the following:

  • IRS Audit and Notices
  • IRS Appeals
  • Installment agreement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Penalty abatement
  • Tax court representation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Innocent Spouse Relief

Legal Help USA will work with you to find the best IRS tax attorney near you.  Our process ensures your research is done efficiently and in less time. We make no commissions if you hire; so you can relax… there’s no pressure.

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How do I find an IRS tax attorney near me? 

Consultations are setup based on your zip code and as such, you will be connected to a tax attorney nearby that is licensed in your zip code. 

This way the variation in laws from state to state does not impede the consultation progress. 

You can be certain Legal Help USA can help you find the best tax lawyer in your area. Some of the reasons you should choose Legal Yogi to help you include the following:

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These are only some of the reasons you should consider contacting Legal Help USA when you are in need of tax relief attorneys or need to know: Where can I find a tax attorney near me with a free consultation? Our extensive network of experienced attorneys can help you find just the right tax attorney to help with your tax issue. 

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What should I do if I am being audited by the IRS?

When you receive the letter from the IRS, you need to contact them by phone or letter within the allotted time frame. When you meet with the auditor, it is essential to be professional even if you are angry. If you don’t feel you can handle it on your own, reach out to an IRS audit attorney for assistance.

How long does the IRS have to collect on tax debt?

There is a 10-year statute of limitations on unpaid taxes. This means if the IRS is unable to collect within 10 years of the original due date, they are no longer allowed to pursue collection.

What are the potential consequences of not paying my taxes?

If you fail to pay taxes you owe, the IRS will send you letters. If you fail to respond, you could face several consequences, the first being the commencement of penalties and interest on the unpaid debt. The IRS could also pursue other means to collect such as tax liens, tax levies, or wage garnishments.

How can I avoid penalties and interest on unpaid taxes?

You can only avoid the assessment of penalties and interest by filing your tax return and paying any taxes due by the deadline (April 15). If you have a good reason for failing to file and pay your taxes on time, the IRS has the option to abate (cancel) the penalties and interest. Unless the IRS abates or suspends the penalties and interest, they will continue to accrue until you pay the entire debt.

What should I do if I am facing criminal charges for tax evasion or tax fraud?

If the IRS believes you are deliberately understating your income or attempting to avoid paying taxes, they will usually conduct an audit as a first step. If the audit shows you are guilty of lying on your tax return, the initial penalty will usually be the assessment of a fine.More serious cases carry more severe penalties. A charge doesn’t mean they will find you guilty. However, the first thing you should do is hire an IRS criminal attorney.

What is the difference between a tax lien and a tax levy?

If the IRS places a lien on your property, it means they have a legal claim against that property. A tax levy, on the other hand, means they physically seize the property to satisfy a debt. For instance, if they place a lien on your house, it could mean you can’t sell the house without paying off the debt. On the other hand, they could place a levy on your bank account or garnish your wages.