Download Legal Forms for Credit and Collection

Business Credit and Collection Legal Form Kit

For small businesses or individuals who need to manage their credit and collections process effectively, the Credit and Collection Form Kit can be extremely helpful in saving time and money. Included are various forms such as authorization to release credit information, demand for payment, and notice to correct credit.

This Business Legal Form Kit Includes

  1. Authorization to Release Credit Information: Helpful for lenders, landlords, and employers, so that individuals or businesses release their credit information to others.
  2. Credit Information Request: Allows a business or individual to request credit information.
  3. Demand for Payment: Demands payment from individuals or businesses who owe cash for goods and or services.
  4. Disputed Account Settlement: When disputing fees or penalties, the Disputed Account Settlement form can help.
  5. Line of Credit Promissory Note: Explains loan conditions plus payment schedules, collateral and interest rates.
  6. Letter Requesting Authorization to Release Credit Info: Helps individuals or businesses release their credit information too whomever is requesting it.
  7. Notice to Correct Credit: Simply lets people or businesses know that there are errors on their credit report that need to be fixed.
  8. Notice to Stop Credit Charge: Allows businesses or individuals to notify others to stop a charge from occurring on their credit/debit card.
  9. Request for Reference: This form allows individuals or businesses to request a reference. This is usually done for job applications, loans, or other similar purposes.