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Save Money on Taxes - Double Your Income Now With Tax Saving Tips on Deductions
Drew Miles
Adding Your First Additional Stream of Income Most new wealth builders currently have a full-time job. After realizing that means “Just ----Over Broke? they commit to quitting their job and starting...

Saving Taxes with Your Home-based Business
Ryan H. Law
HOW TO KEEP $5000 IN TAXES THIS YEAR Today we will review some ways of saving taxes through your business. The information contained in this report comes from the IRS tax code (you will...

Selling Your Business - A Tool To Reduce Taxes
Dave Kauppi
SELLING YOUR BUSINESS – A TOOL TO REDUCE THE TAX BITE By David M. Kauppi, MBA, CEA, CBI, President Mid Market Capital “I would rather expire at my desk than to sell my business and pay Uncle Sam one...

Taxes and Your E-Commerce Business
Brian Roe
Starting an online business can seem overwhelming at first. Finding the right domain name, getting reliable hosting, web design, and figuring out credit card transactions are full-time concerns. One...

Taxes as a Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy
Robert E. Cannon
Building an ownership society in a tax competitive world. Like many fellow citizens of this great country, I listened to the President’s Inaugural Address on January 20th. It was interesting, but it...

Taxes Made Easy for Your Home-Based Business
Kathy Burns
I had never heard of Gary W. Carter and had never read any of his books until now – and I have to say I'm really glad that I did. Anyone who has a home-based business or is contemplating starting...

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: Who Really Pays The Most?
David Berky
Each April our thoughts turn to the coming of spring and the coming of the tax man. I hear a lot of people complaining about taxes at this time of year. Not just that they have to do their taxes and...

Tim Merrell, "The Dental Guy"
By Tim Merrell, the Dental Guy copyright 05-2005 I rushed upstairs dodging the toys, two small children and a border collie. I grabbed the phone just before the answer machine kicked on. “Do you...

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