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Death & Taxes
Willard Michlin
Have you ever owned a stock, or piece of real estate that you wanted to sell? You felt the time was right to take your profit and run. Did you then not follow through with the sale because “the...

Debt Settlement & Income Taxes - What You Need To Know
Charles Phelan
Debt settlement has become a popular approach to resolving problem debts without having to file bankruptcy. With this approach, creditors agree to accept a portion of what you owe (usually around 50%...

Didn't Bush Promise To Lower Gas Taxes? Well He Lied
Evelyn Pringle
DIDN’T BUSH PROMISE TO LOWER GAS TAXES? WELL HE LIED When you consider the amount of money the Bush-Cheney campaigns have received from oil and gas interests, its no wonder they're more intent on...

Do You Pay Taxes On eBay Income?
Tim Knox
Small Business Q&A with Tim Knox Q: I read your last column about paying income tax on eBay sales if you are doing it as a business, but as someone who only sells on eBay occasionally I'm still...

Do your own Taxes!
Brian Neuman
So, it’s the second week in February - have you done your taxes yet? What, you don’t do your own taxes? You pay someone else to do it for you? Well, I’m one of those people who can’t stand paying...

Employment Taxes – Depositing With The IRS
Richard A. Chapo
If your business has employees, you must pay employment taxes. The payment system can be a bit confusing, so this article discusses how to go about depositing employment taxes with the IRS. ...

Employment Taxes – What Are They?
Richard A. Chapo
If you have employees, you are responsible for paying a variety of taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. You must also withhold certain taxes from the paychecks of your employees. So, what...

Failure To Pay Employment Taxes – Penalties
Richard A. Chapo
As an employer, you must pay employment taxes if you have employees. Fail to pay and the IRS will rain all over your parade. Penalties If you have employees, you absolutely must deduct and...

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