Life, Liberty, and Higher Taxes: Explained

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On Thursday, June 23rd, 2005 the Supreme Court of these United States declared war on the people. On that dark day, five black robed tyrants, issued a decision that rewrote our unalienable rights as Americans; something that the term unalienable meaning derived from God was supposed to prevent. Judicial fiat has rewritten the words upon which our nation is founded and trumped the private property rights of citizens and these self made gods wiped their rear ends with Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The words that we are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness have been changed. Now, apparently our rights are really government’s rights and are now to be read as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Higher Taxes.

Am I angry? No. I am not angry — I’M PISSED OFF!

I cannot believe for a minute that this ruling which says that government has the right to take your property and give it to someone else so they can make more money was even conceived much less agreed to by a majority of those that have been entrusted to uphold the rights of Americans.

All For The Public Good:

In rationalizing this horrendous destruction of our rights Justice John Stevens wrote for the majority “The city has carefully formulated an economic development that it believes will provide appreciable benefits to the community, including – but by no means limited to – new jobs and increased tax revenue.”

It’s eerily reminiscent of the way we used to try and trick our teachers into thinking we knew more about a subject that we really did isn’t it? You know, when the teacher would ask you what the major exports of Mexico were and you would name one item and then conclude with many other things.

Might I ask a serious question here Justice Stevens? When did we become a truly communist State where the land is doled out to the people as the government sees fit and where they are allowed only to reside there by the grace of bureaucrats? When did we become a country where ANYWHERE it is the mandated function of government to provide new jobs for the people? Did I miss that somewhere in the Federal Constitution in Article I, Section 8? And I dare say that I will guarantee you that if I look at the Constitutions of our 46 States and 4 Commonwealths that the vast majority, if not ALL of them, make no such reference to that power either!

Jobs, my dear, deluded and sick Justice Stevens are created by people not by government mandate. And let’s be honest here the jobs issue is just a red herring the government is throwing out there to disguise that they just want more tax revenue to spend on every little pet project they can dream up and entrench them deeper into power.

Joined with Justices Souter, Ginsburg Kennedy and Breyer Justice Stevens and the Supreme Court has successfully surrendered the United States of America to the oppressive ideology that we have spent so many years fighting against. They have surrendered us to Communism which surprises the Hell out of me since I cannot remember that anywhere among their enumerated powers in the Constitution is the right to surrender the United States to the enemy. But now five men and women have surrendered us to the exact same enemy that brave Americans have shed their blood and given their lives to protect us from for decades.

The Liberals Expose Themselves Again:

This decision comes from the liberal and progressive wing of the court. I want to see the left wing noise machine try and claim that it is really the liberals that are for the little guy after this. Because it is the little guy that is going to be hurt the most. It is going to be the little guy living in a modest $50 – $100k home, paying a small amount of taxes, that is going to be the target to have their homes seized and bulldozed for mini-malls and office buildings worth millions to a developer and that will bring in huge tax windfalls to the local government.

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Now, because of these five renegades the state can come in, look at your land and your nice $200,000 home which is well kept and paid for and say to you “Sorry, but Developer XYZ has promised us that if we give him your land he can build $1,000,000 worth of real estate so we are taking your land.

These judges have opened themselves and their fellow travelers up for all Americans to plainly see. They are for nothing except the awesome power of government controlled by themselves. The Constitution be damned in the minds of these self important judges that have declared themselves gods over the American citizenry. And it is liberals that run around claiming that it is conservatives that want to take away the rights of Americans? Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt any more!

The Coming Fight:

I do not say lightly that we are officially a hair’s breath away from a revolution because of this decision. I do not say lightly that I believe that this ruling may well indeed result in bloodshed. The most liberal, progressive judges on the court have drawn us to this point.

The 5th Amendment is dead and it died on a beautiful summer’s day in 2005. And it died with little fanfare and without much of a struggle from Americans. And it died without much of a whimper from those we have elected to represent us.

What I am saying may be too much for most Americans to handle. As a society we have become soft and complacent and we have lost our vigilance — we have sadly lost sight of what it means to be an American. We have allowed far too many small infringements upon our liberties over the years which is the exact reason these greater usurpations are now occurring. We have emboldened those that want to remake the nation in a new form completely alien to what our founders gave us.

Our society, I doubt, is ready to deal with the tragedy that has happened here. We have, for years allowed the federal government, for example, to act beyond it’s calling in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and mandate that you and I pay for the retirement of other Americans. We have allowed the federal government for years to mandate that only certain types of arms are covered under the once absolute protections of the Second Amendment. And recently we sat by and allowed the social engineers in our government to tell us that we are allowed to speak our sentiments freely EXCEPT when an election is less than a set number of days away.

You want my land or the land of my neighbor? You want our homes that we have bought and that we am paying for? And you want to sell our land to a private developer who will tear it down to put up a strip mall or an office building? We don’t want to sell to you? You think that you are going to send the police to remove us? Well, I certainly do not speak for my fellow citizen but for myself you are going to have to take me out of my home feet first in a body bag!

And woe be to the one that volunteers for the duty of trying to remove me from my property after the government decides to give my land to another private individual. Two clips of .40 caliber rounds says you better have good life insurance if you are that one that comes to my door or the door of my neighbor. Because your widow is going to need it!

And my condolences go to your family.

The American people have got to get a handle on how hideous this act by our judiciary really is. Because if we don’t and if Americans don’t stand up to these judicial tyrants and the bureaucrats they empower and if you think that this isn’t your problem then there is going to be no one left able to protect you when the government comes for your land. Because myself and all the real patriots in this country are going to be long since dead by government bullets paid for by your tax dollars.

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