Access Free Legal Books: Intended for Both Non-Lawyers & Scholars

Free Legal Books

Here we provide you with nationally recognized resources that provide legal books, both free and for an affordable fee. Catering to different reading levels and scholarly interests.

When it comes to legal knowledge, access to comprehensive resources is vital. Fortunately, there are well recognized platforms that offer legal books for easy-to-read legal guides or scholarly works. These resources provide a wealth of information to enhance your understanding of the law.

Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School:
·       Offers a wide range of free legal resources, including easy-to-understand legal guides and books.
·       Website:
Public Library of Law:
·       Offers free access to a range of legal books and resources, including legal classics and textbooks.
·       Website:
Scholarly Legal Books People Can Access for Free:
Project Gutenberg:
·       A vast collection of free e-books, including legal classics and scholarly works.
·       Website:

HathiTrust Digital Library:
·       Large collection of digitized books that includes scholarly legal works.
·       Some materials may be available for free online.
·       Website:

If you’re seeking easily accessible legal books, the Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School and the Public Library of Law offer a wide range of free resources.
LII provides easy-to-understand legal guides, while the Public Library of Law grants access to legal classics and textbooks.

For those interested in scholarly legal books, Project Gutenberg and the HathiTrust Digital Library house extensive collections, some of which are available for free.

While on the other hand, if you’re willing to invest in affordable legal materials, Nolo and LegalZoom offer easy-to-understand resources tailored for non-lawyers.

For scholarly works at an affordable fee, Oxford Scholarship Online provides a wide selection of legal books covering various areas of law.

·       Easy-to-understand legal library for non-lawyers, covering various legal topics.
·       Website:

·       A selection of affordable legal materials about various legal topics, tailored for non-lawyers.
·       Website:

Oxford Scholarship Online:
·       A wide selection of scholarly legal books that covers different areas of law.
·       Access requires a subscription or purchase of individual titles.
·       Website:

Availability and pricing may vary for specific books within these resources. It’s recommended to explore their websites for detailed information on specific titles and access options.

Students, legal professionals, or any individual seeking to enhance their legal knowledge can benefit from these resources as they provide a valuable repository of legal books.

While some platforms offer free access to easy-to-read or scholarly works, others provide affordable options to cater to different needs.

Legal Help USA recommends you explore their websites for specific titles, access options, and pricing.

Availability and costs may vary. Regardless of your legal interests, legal knowledge can empower you with valuable information to navigate the complexities of the law.