Debt Settlement Income Taxes: What you need to know

Debt Settlement: A Popular Alternative to Bankruptcy with Implications for Taxes Debt settlement has become a popular approach to resolving problem debts without having to file bankruptcy. With this approach, creditors agree to accept a portion of what you owe (usually around 50% or less) to settle the account, and the remaining balance is forgiven. … Read more

What are Pyramid & Ponzi Schemes: Why You Should Avoid Them

What are Pyramid & Ponzi Schemes: Why You Should Avoid Them A pyramid and ponzi schemes are both fraudulent business models that promise participants significant profits based on recruiting other individuals into the scheme rather than selling legitimate products or having a legitimate investment strategy. First, we’ll discuss Pyramid Schemes and further into the article … Read more

Is Your Car A Lemon?

How to Tell if Your Car is a Lemon? There are very few things more satisfying than buying a new car. There is great pride of ownership and a feeling of accomplishment and pride as you drive around town in your new vehicle. For most of us, that new car excitement lasts until we must … Read more

Presumption and the Lemon Law

Presumption and the Lemon Laws: Did you Buy a Lemon? To presume is to make an assumption that something will be found true when further examined. It is what one supposes to be true based on the evidence available. With regard to presumption in legal matters, if the bird looks, walks and quacks like a … Read more

Class Action Lawsuits and Unethical Settlements

AN INVITATION FOR CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS TO ENGAGE IN UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT by Michael A. S. Guth. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this article, including this web page, may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, or duplicated in significant portion without the express written permission of Dr. Michael Guth. Users are always welcome to establish links to … Read more

Arbitration And The Lemon Law

Bought a Lemon? How to Benefit from Arbitration If the neighbors Pekinese decides to scare off bad guys at 2:00AM in the morning, and does this every night, and you cant persuade your neighbor to correct the situation, perhaps mediation or arbitration is the answer. After all, going to court seems a bit much, and … Read more

Selecting the Right Attorney and Being a Smart Client

How to select the Right Attorney Before choosing a lawyer, it’s a good idea to conduct research to find someone that handles cases relating to your particular legal issue. You should also check credentials and ask for references. You can start your search online. Martindale-Hubbell ( ) is a useful web site. You can … Read more

Qualifying for Home Based Business Tax Deductions

Do You Qualify for Home-Based Tax Deductions? New changes in the tax laws have made it easier than ever to claim Home Office Deductions and keep more of what you earn. If your home is a place of business, many of your personal expenses can be deducted as business expenses resulting in lower taxes. You … Read more

The Most Profit When it is Time to Sell Your Business

Making Good Business Decisions Have you ever owned a stock, or piece of real estate that you wanted to sell? You felt the time was right to take your profit and run. Did you then not follow through with the sale because the taxes would kill you?  This is what I call “making a decision … Read more

Divorce and Separation from a Child’s Perspective

It is always the children that suffer the most when a marriage breaks down and separation or divorce is imminent. Children of divorcing parents often witness arguments even rows and this has a strong effect on any child. Children do not understand why parents argue and cannot relate to rows during the build up to … Read more